Running Tests

So that’s it ? Your turrets are running and ready to fire at the target ? Si let’s do it ! Leeeeeeroooooy....


Before running the tests, don’t forget to update your configuration if your turrets are running on a different IP address from the master.

Starting the test

Just type:

oct run /path/to/oct/project

And that’s it, your test will start and your turrets will now fire at the target. If everything is going ok you should see an output like:

waiting for 1 turrets to connect
waiting for 0 turrets to connect
turrets: 1, elapsed: 20.0   transactions: 4906  timers: 4906  errors: 0

So... That’s it ? And yes that’s it ! You’ve successfuly run your first OCT test !

Once the test have ended you should see the following output :

Processing all remaining messages...

analyzing results...

transactions: 4906
errors: 0

test start: 2015-12-21 18:23:06
test finish: 2015-12-21 18:23:26

Report generated in 2.75798082352 seconds
created: ././results/results_2015.12.21_18.23.05_162132/results.html